Home Automation System

Home automation system

Today’s homes are being filled with more and more technology. As an interior designer you will no doubt be attracted to systems that can both improve the aesthetics of a home and enhance the home owners living experience. We can ensure technology solutions are hidden or complement room décor, and are introduced with proper consideration to enhance the aesthetics of a room. We can help you to expand your portfolio by installing home cinema, multi-room audio/video, lighting control or other home automation system. The use of energy-efficient technologies ensures reduction in energy consumption. This can lead to significant savings which may be used to meet other development goals. Simply adapt the performance of your home in a simple and intuitive way. Through just one interface (touch screens, PC, internet, remote controls, etc.) we will enable you, manually or automatically, to interact with all the appliances in your home, to close all the blinds at one time, turn the lighting on and off depending on your presence, or on the sunlight levels, irrigation timing, etc. In constant communication with you, your house will be the one to alert you about any incident (flood, gas leak, intrusion, etc.) automatically acting the appropriate actions to minimize the problem (water or gas cutoff supply, alarm trigger, etc.) and allowing you to enjoy this feeling of extra peace of mind, knowing that your house is protected 24 hours a day Home automation has a special meaning when we talk about energy saving and it adds an exhaustive control of the energy needed to maintain a comfortable environment without high expense. We offer widest range of possibilities with a contemporary image to make your smart home control system even more attractive.

Comfort : Because your home should be your rest and relax refuge.




Energy Efficiency : Because energy is a limited resource we have to optimize it and use it responsibly. 717e6f65-a751-4bbd-93dd-81f0e70e0851

Security : Because tranquility of your home is our bet for present and future. cf802e4f-9664-4e54-a1d2-c714519e6aaf      

Lighting : There are light scenes that comfort us, and others make our work easier these might not be vital needs, but it is doubtless that life is much better when you have them.


Blinds : The possibility of controlling blinds individually or in combination makes our daily life easier leaving the routine in the past.


Save energy while maintaining comfort for you and your family, integrating the control of the climate of your home with the rest of the system and allowing the creation of scenes that fit your needs depending on the season.


Our maxim regarding the design of our cutting-edge and attractive interfaces is a concern for aesthetics which discreetly integrates into your home to the service of functionality.


Being in constant communication with your home, knowing at every moment how is it… Doesn’t it make you feel safer?